Janmashtami or Gokulashtami celebrates the birth of Lord Krishna. The devotees of Lord Krishna deck themselves in new clothes and spend the day visiting temples and hearing bhajans. Apart from these, devotees also offer puja to the Lord in their homes and offer different foods to the Mighty God.

Households with little children often dress up their young ones in retrospective versions of Lord Krishna.

What’s a joyous occasion without some sweets? Why not tempt your little Krishna with some wholesome recipes that can enhance his/her immunity power? Given the unpredictable weather and fluctuating temperatures, these recipes can boost your child’s immunity power and make them better equipped to face the world.

Kindly note that these recipes are for kids above the age of one.

  1. Saffron Milk

Our saffron milk recipe is a real twist to the traditional Haldi doodh. This is a perfect recipe for the little ones who run away at the very sight of a glass of milk. Seasoned with nuts and saffron, this drink can evoke lip-smacking reactions from your little one. Read on to find out how it is prepared.


2 cups of milk

Cinnamon- 1 inch

Turmeric powder- 3 tsp

Almonds- 3-4, sliced and soaked overnight

Cardamom- 4 pods

Flax seeds- 1 tsp

Jaggery- Powdered, 2 tsp

Saffron – 2-3 strands


Use a pestle to grind cardamom and cinnamon to become a fine residue. Roast the flaxseeds and almonds in a pan and set aside. In the meantime, you can boil the milk as well. While boiling the milk add the powdered flaxseeds, almonds, turmeric, and jaggery.

Continue cooking the mixture for another five minutes. Switch off the flames and add saffron strands to decorate it. This drink is best served warm after dinner.

  1. Apple Lemonade

Give your kids this refreshing drink after a long day’s play. This is an easy-to-prepare drink that can improve your child’s health and immunity.


Apple- 1 cup, peeled, cored, and sliced

Lemon juice- Half a cup

Sugar- 1tsp


Make apple juice as normal and add lemon juice and sugar to it. Garnish with a few mints leaves and serve chilled.

  1. Carrot and Orange Juice

Let your kids enjoy the goodness of Vitamin A and C with this natural health booster. Vitamin C can enhance their immunity and help them fight a whole lot of illnesses. This is surely a refreshing drink after the festivities of the day.


Carrots- 2, peeled and chopped

Orange- 1

Sugar- 1 tsp


Juice the ingredients in a blender or juicer. Add sugar and mint leaves to garnish. If you are willing to experiment, try a pinch of cinnamon powder to enhance the taste.

Hope you will try these recipes for this year’s Janmashtami. Let these natural drinks uplift the mood and health of the little Krishnas after their tiring day. For more baby care tips and other guides on parenting, download the KidsCur App Now. Parenting has never been this easy.


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