Does your baby seem fussy at times that you are not able to comfort them? Do they show crying spells that seem to last hours? Welcome to the most dreaded and challenging aspects of newborn parenting- Colicky Babies.

Unfortunately, the symptoms of colic start around evening and may continue past midnight. A cranky baby will be very fussy and demanding. If you have other demanding children, then you will find it very difficult to handle both.

Symptoms of Colic in Babies

A very fussy baby with a long-lasting crying spell that no amount of soothing or comforting can stop. Colic in babies is common, about one-fifth of all babies tend to develop colic between the second and fourth week.

The reason for colic is still unclear. Pediatricians argue that the main reason for colic is the baby’s sensitivity to stimulation. Other times, colic in breastfed babies can also arise as a result of changes in the mother’s diet. In some extreme scenarios, colic can also point toward underlying health issues like a hernia.

Tips for Colic Babies

You can try to use these newborn babycare tips to soothe a colicky baby next time. These are time-tested tricks that have guaranteed results.

  • Swaddle them
    Swaddling is almost like a magic trick to calm a fussy and colicky baby. The Reason? Swaddling reminds them of being back in the womb. Play some white music in the background as well. Trust us, this babycare tip has worked for many mothers.
  • Change Positions
    Do not try to hold the baby in the same position during their cranky periods. Try to change the positions. Try rocking them or even walking around in a baby carrier. A change of scenes will surely distract them.
  • Be careful of your diet
    If you are breastfeeding, be mindful of what you are eating. Discuss with your pediatrician and try to find out any problem foods that you might be consuming. For some breastfed babies, the mother’s diet may be the culprit of colic.
  • Try baby massages
    Routine baby massages can not only facilitate bonding time between mothers and babies but also relieve colic. A mother’s touch can create a great soothing effect on the infant. Check with the pediatrician before using any oils. Just skin-to-skin contact and a few strokes on the body can calm a cranky infant better.

If you are a new mother and anxious about your baby’s unending crying spells that occur regularly between evening and midnight, then never fear. It is probably due to colic. Try the above tips and if the issue continues, then have a visit to your pediatrician.

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