Do you think that keeping a calendar or to-do list for your children is a good idea as a parent?

While experiencing the incredible journey of parenthood is enjoyable, it also comes with responsibilities. Are you teaching them to be disciplined by giving them various to-do lists each day and encouraging them to have the greatest possible day every day? 


Don’t break your head, if you haven’t begun yet; here are some suggestions for a to-do list and calendar list for your children.

Playtime: Encourage them to engage in imaginative play, building blocks, or puzzles.

Learning Time: Choose fun activities to teach kids about colors, shapes, numbers, and alphabet.

Storytime: Read books together to cultivate a love of reading and develop language abilities.

Outdoor Time: Take them to the park or backyard for some fresh air and physical activity.

Creative Time: Provide art items for coloring, drawing, and easy craft-projects.

Mealtime: Encourage them to try different foods and practice healthy eating habits.

Nap Time: Make sure they get adequate rest during the day to support their growth and development.

Family outings: Plan pleasant trips to the park, zoo, or other kid-friendly activities.

Milestones: Take note of major milestones such as their first steps, words etc,.

Birthdays and special occasions: Remember the birthdays of family members and close close friends.


Remember, the KidsCur calendar can be a useful tool for keeping track of events and helping your child develop a sense of routine. It is critical to be  flexible and adapt to your child’s needs and interests. Have fun and cherish these beautiful moments with your little one! Enjoy creating memories together!


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