Whether you are a first-time parent or a seasoned one, you are bound to commit mistakes during parenting. After all, parenting is not a race to win. After the first joy of holding your little one for the first time, you are bound to get nervous about the days ahead. Do not fret. Parenting is an easy task with these amazing baby care tips. These tips will help you avoid many common mistakes that parents tend to commit during the early days. Read on to find more.

  1. Getting anxious over little things
    As a new parent, it is normal to get anxious over little things. But do not overdo it. For some parents, everything about their baby like poop, sleep, food and cries etc. worries them.
    Panicking can never help either you or the baby. In fact, it can invite additional health consequences for your mental and physical well-being. Taking the baby for periodic health visits can help you find any issues that might trouble them.
  2. Worrying about feeding
    Is my baby full? Am I feeding my baby properly? These are some of the common queries that crop up for new mothers. Well, you need to follow only the thumb rule for babies while breast or bottle feeding, i.e, to feed them every two hours.
    Additionally, you can watch out for some cues that can show the hunger pangs of babies like moving fists to the mouth, opening and closing the mouth, yawning, turning the head for breast, lip-smacking, sucking on hands, crying etc.
  3. Forgetting oral hygiene for your baby
    This tip is for older babies who are over a month old. This is among one of the most important baby care tips for older babies. Parents often neglect the oral hygiene of babies.
    However, you can ensure the hygiene of your baby’s mouth by simply taking cotton and wiping the mouth can keep it fresh. You need to be extra cautious while doing this.
  4. Following unreliable advice
    Many parents are confused about newborn baby care. As a result, they often turn to unreliable sources for advice. Well, this can invite unwanted consequences than anything favorable.
    If you are looking for advice on your baby’s health or have concerns about the development pace of your baby, then you should certainly talk to a pediatrician. They can help with any queries on health and development.
  5. Comparing the development milestones.
    No human being is alike. You cannot expect your child to show the exact development speed of another child. Some parents fret over the development trackers which do not match their child’s development and growth pace.
    Well, you need to really understand that these are just generic measurements. Different babies will have different paces. You need to understand and accept it.

Hope we have covered almost all baby care tips and common mistakes that parents tend to commit during the early days. If you are looking for more tips and advice, then download KidsCur App now.


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