Child development milestones are the physical skills or behavior seen in children and infants as they develop and grow. Some examples of child development milestones include walking, crawling, rolling over etc. For each age range, a child is expected to cover some specific milestone.

You are to visit a healthcare provider’s office routinely to assess and track your child’s development. Routine visits to the doctor can assure you that everything is fine with your child’s development rate.

Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that each child develops differently. Never attempt to closely follow a checklist on child development milestones. Child development milestones are only some expected general behavior and skillsets that you child may develop at a prescribed age limit. Do not treat them as exact and precise development guidelines.

Here are some general development milestones that your child may develop for each age.

Important Milestones for Your Baby Upto 1 Year

    ● Drinks from a cup
    ● Babbles
    ● Gives a smile or two
    ● Ability to sit without support
    ● Rolls over without support
    ● Has first tooth
    ● Tries to stand up
    ● Attempts to walk
    ● Calms when shown attention
    ● Can play peek-a-boo

Important Milestones for Toddler 1-3 Years

    ● Can walk proficiently
    ● Can pedal a tricycle
    ● Can pivot, walk and run backwards
    ● Can feed self with minimal mess
    ● Uses spoon for feeding
    ● Tries to imitate the speech of elders
    ● Able to say own name
    ● Can understand simple commands
    ● Attempts to frame sentences with simple words
    ● Can play peek-a-boo

Preschooler 3-6 Years

    ● Able to hold pencils correctly
    ● Reading and writing skills start
    ● Can do simple things independently
    ● Can participate in word play
    ● Sings simple rhymes
    ● Rides a tricycle well
    ● Can start schooling
    ● Can recognize words

School-age child-6-12 Years

    ● Starts to lose baby teeth and get permanent teeth
    ● Development of reading skills
    ● Able to comprehend and follow directions
    ● Peer recognition and bonding
    ● Girls may develop menstruating (menarche)
    ● Established routine for normal activities

Adolescence 12-18 Years

    ● Can comprehend abstract concepts
    ● Peer recognition and acceptance is important
    ● Pubic hair starts to show
    ● Visible body changes for girls and boys
    ● Changes in sound
    ● Starts to gain adult weight and height

Other than the physical changes, each age group will demonstrate specific emotional and cognitive skills. The speech, thinking, behavior and personality of a child develops with respect to his interactions with the world.

Many experts categorize development milestones into these categories,

    ● Grooming skills
    ● Visual and motor skills
    ● Dressing skills
    ● Speech and language

Doctors consider the well-being of a child with respect his/her genetic, environmental and overall well-being.

It is not easy to keep track of child development milestone. Additionally, you should accept the fact that each child has their own pace for development. Milestones can help you give a general idea of what a child is capable to do at an age point.


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