Massage time with your babies is a proper time to bond with them. Even paediatricians agree that skin-to-skin contact with babies will have numerous health benefits for them. In fact, many researchers have unearthed evidence that massages help with better sleep, and motor skills, relieve colic, and improve the immune system of an infant.

Before you use any oil for the baby, please do a patch test to see if the oil causes any irritation. You can do a simple spot test on the baby’s skin and wait for at least 24 hours to see if there is an occurrence of any irritation. Always give a massage to your baby when they are in an alert yet a quiet state. Avoid massage times when they are sleepy or full after a feed.

You can buy massaging sheets from a baby store. These sheets can be exclusively used for massaging your baby. Never be in a hurry while giving a massage to your baby. Always start section by section. Follow the below tips to have a fun-filled massage session with your little munchkin.

  1. Massage the abdomen of your baby in a gentle, circular and clockwise motion
  2. Next, give a gentle massage in the navel region in a clockwise motion, if the baby gets fussy, then wait for some time and proceed.
  3. Hold the knees and feet together and gently press the knees towards the baby’s abdomen. You can also rotate the hips of the baby a few times. This simple exercise can expel gas and ease any discomfort of the baby.
  4. If the baby’s cord region is not completely healed, then please refrain from massaging the baby with oil.
  5. The massaging strokes you give your baby should be gentle and not ticklish.
  6. Always give preference to the baby’s moods. If your baby seems agitated after a 10-minute session, bathe them right away. In case, they are in good mood, let some time go by.
  7. Integrate daily massages into the baby’s routine.
  8. Give gentle strokes on the baby’s face, chest, and head as well.
  9. You can draw small circles on your baby’s head for a massage
  10. If you are wondering what oil to use for massage, get one that is unscented and edible. There are many massaging oils for babies available on the market.
  11. Never ever apply too much pressure on the infant’s body. It will make them irritated and fussy.

If you are looking for a fun-filled activity to bond with your baby, then massaging him/her is a engaging way to interact with them. With this routine session, your baby will have better nap time and less colicky spells.

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