Even the world’s greatest blockbuster movie would fail at the cuteness of a newborn. During pregnancy, you might have dreamt of spending some quality time with your baby. Now that you have your little bundle of joy in your hands, are you wondering how to bond better?

The basic rule is to follow your instincts and build great rapport with your newborn. It is the first sign of the many stellar interpersonal relationships that your baby will build in future. According to a study, the human ability to resolve conflict, trust and love comes from the ways through which we were treated as babies.

Bonding with your newborn is a joy and an intuitive process. Are you looking for ways to bond with your newborn? Read our top tips now.

  1. Don’t forget the age-old trick-Massages.

    Massages before bath time can facilitate easy bonding with your baby. Apart from the bonding benefit, skin-to-skin contact can help your baby sleep better and relieve the symptoms of colic.
  2. Make eye contact during feedings
    Whether you are breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, try to establish an eye contact during the feeding session. This can help your little one get familiar with your face better.
  3. Play Mirror-Mirror
    Once your baby is a month or two older, try to stand in front of a mirror, holding the baby. Though babies may not be able to understand the reflection, they will be curious to explore the faces in front of them.
  4. Make your partner spend time with the newborn
    Never forget that your partner too needs some time with the newborn. Try to get him to bottle-feed the baby or rock them to sleep. This will help both build some quality time together. In the meantime, you can get some well-deserved rest.
  5. Baby-Talk with your infant
    Try to familiarize your sound by talking to the newborn in a gentle and reassuring tone. You can tell the newest member simple and even mundane things. In fact, this simple exercise can help them grasp language better.
  6. Respond to crying
    Always respond to the crying of infants. Your sound and touch can reassure and calm them quicker.
  7. Sing lullabies

    You don’t need to be the lead singer to sing a lullaby or two for your infant. The rhythm of your song can quickly calm the infant and soothe them to sleep. What’s more, the music can be reassuring to your tired senses as well.

Bonding with your baby is a natural instinct. Anyone with basic parenting skills can bond with their newborn in a couple of days. However, some parents experience difficulty in bonding if the birthing experience was traumatic or if mothers are suffering from postpartum depression. In that case, you can seek the help of your doctor who can sort things out for you.

Hope you have found our babycare tips insightful. If you are looking for more of such tips, then download KidsCur app now.


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