You might have seen parents strolling around casually with babies strapped on their chests. Is it a big deal to carry babies like that? For one thing, babies can be quite heavy to carry around all day. If you are a busy parent, then doing tasks with one hand can be quite tiresome.

In such cases, baby wearing can come quite handy. On the contrary, baby wearing has been around for centuries.

So, what are the benefits of baby wearing? Let’s explore in detail below.

  1. Less crying

If your baby is prone to endless bouts of crying, baby wearing can actually help to reduce the unending cry spells. Even science agrees with the same. According to research conducted by a team of researchers, babies who were carried around cried less often.

  1. Facilitates better bonding

If you are looking for some cool ways to bond with your baby, then baby wearing is the best way. The simple act of holding your baby safe can trigger an instant emotional rapport with you. The good news is that early bonding can make parenting easy for all ages.

  1. Breastfeeding is easier

The close intimacy coming from baby wearing can make breastfeeding more convenient. You will get the chance to initiate response feeding which actually helps mothers understand the early hunger cues of babies.

  1. Healthy babies

Every mama wants their babies to be healthy and robust with a cute frame. Well, baby wearing can help you achieve that dream. With regular baby wearing, you can expect the following health benefits for your baby;

  • Longer breastfeeding sessions
  • Faster weight gain
  • Stabilized heart rate
  • Better mood disposition
  1. Improves social and cognitive development

Carrying your baby around can have a positive impact on their social engagement. They get the chance to watch closely the verbal and non-verbal cues that are used in communication. Additionally, baby wearing can help to stimulate their senses. The change of movement and scenery can capture the baby’s interest and keep them more engaged.

  1. No more flat head syndrome

Babies run the risk of developing plagiocephaly or flat head syndrome when they lay too much time on their backs. You can help your baby prevent it by carrying them often around.

  1. Soothes colic

Baby wearing can be relieving for fussy and cranky babies suffering from colic. Babies can go into unending crying spells and nothing can seem to stop it. Many childcare experts argue that baby wearing can soothe colicky babies due to skin-skin contact. Moreover, baby wearing keeps them in an upright position which can be quite comfortable for their stomach as well.

Hope we have helped you understand the benefits of baby wearing. If you are looking for more baby care tips and suggestions, download the KidsCur App now.


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