With the exams around the corner for most of the students, here are some tips that may help boost your memory power and help you ace your exams.

• Sleep and rest: 7-9 hours of sleep support memory consolidation for effective information processing. Tip: Some people need more, and some       need less, but adequate sleep is essential.

• Healthy food: Consume foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Keeping yourself hydrated helps optimise your brain health. Tip: Consume small   amounts of brahmi in powdered form.

• Physical activity: Engage in physical activity to boost the cognitive functions of the brain.

• Mental associations and visualisations: Create mental associations to reinforce memory recall and understanding. Tip: Use mind maps for easy recall.

• Revisions: Certain subjects require constant practice and repetition to solidify memory and improve retention power. Tip: Short points for large data will help.

Here are some more tips that may help you:

• Grasp the ideas: Understanding the concepts might simplify the topic, and then you can summarise them independently while answering tests.

• Linking: Create associations with objects when it is tough to recall certain words, historical dates, and concepts. Tip: Although this should be pretty obvious, if 19.47 is most of the time to get ready for dinner, then that becomes helpful to associate 1947 with the year that our country, India, gained independence.

• Self-Test: A self-test helps you recognise what you have grasped and be able to recall critical or large amounts of data.

• Use mnemonics: This has been a proven method for remembering large chunks of data. The alphabet in sing song form, the first thing to be taught in kindergartens and nurseries and which has been ingrained in our brains forever, is another classical example of mnemonics. Tip: To remember the order of taxa in biology (Do Kings Play Chess On Fine Green Silk) and to remember the planets, My Very Excellent Mother Just Served Us Nachos

• Create stories: When asked about a specific scene from a particular movie or TV series, that will be immediately recalled; however, if the same is asked for an algebraic formula, then there will be a blank expression. This tells us that stories have a lasting impact on the mind, and hence, creating stories will also help in storing large amounts of data in our brain.

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