The past years have taught us the importance of maintaining self immunity. To communicate the importance of nutrition to the masses at large, India observes the National Nutrition Week from September 1 to September 7th every year.

Adequate intake of nutrition is important to maintain a healthy diet. Now, we all know the necessity of incorporating a healthy diet. However, when it comes to the maintenance of nutrition of babies and young children, you need to be extra careful.

Why Nutrition is Important For Children?

Nutrition is important for the growth and development of children. Your kid will need the adequate amount of nutrition to stay healthy and strong. As a parent, you need to instil some healthy eating habits for your child. These early habits can form stepping stones for future food practices as an adult.

A healthy and balanced diet can ensure that your child is getting the recommended levels of nutrition. If your child does not get proper nutrition, it can result in undernutrition which has serious health and development consequences. Child undernutrition can result in cardiovascular diseases and metabolic syndrome. Malnutrition also carries the risk of causing low intellectual and physical development.

How To Ensure Proper Nutrition For Children?

Are you worried about the food intake of your child? Read the below tips to ensure that your child gets the recommended amount of nutrition. Please note that these recommendations are for kids above from the age of one.

  • Try to incorporate a good amount of protein in your kid’s diet. Protein can come from poultry, lean meat, eggs, milk etc.
  • Ensure that your child eats a good amount of vegetables and fruits. Buy fun cutters from shops to carve out funny characters from fruits. This can tempt them to taste the cut fruits.
  • Say a big no to junk food. Limit your child’s access to junk food as it can have a huge impact on development and growth. Moreover, junk food can also result in obesity and diabetes.
  • Start the day with something healthy. A simple oatmeal with some nuts, bread toast and eggs can make a hearty breakfast.
  • Make eating together a priority. You can properly monitor your child’s intake of food. Moreover, eating together as a family can strengthen the bonds.
  • Be an example for your child. Parents should become the role model of eating healthy
  • Make kids involved in food preparation. Let them do simple kitchen chores. You can even ask for suggestions from them for breakfast, lunch or dinner. This way you will ensure that you have something to tempt them on the table.

In the National Nutrition Week, let’s commit to better eating practices for ourselves and children. A healthy body is inevitable for the wellness of our soul. Let’s get started with good health practices today for a healthier tomorrow.

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