Bringing your little bundle of joy can be a nerve-wracking experience for parents-whether veterans or first-time. Now, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and be extra careful on taking care of the newborn. But, be cautious. Your newborn is only adjusting to the new environment. Don’t worry, we have compiled eight things that you should never do with a newborn.

1. Don’t leave dirty diapers too long
A dirty diaper can invite rashes that can trouble the first days of your newborn’s life. Yes, changing diapers constanly can be exhausting. Your newborn will be pooping and urinating every now and then. Trust us. You can save your infant’s soft skin from naughty rashes by changing diapers constantly.

2. Don’t kiss the newborn
Those squishy and cuddly cheeks are worth a kiss.However, your small kiss can invite lot of health consequences for the infant. Newborns have a developing immune system and the germs spread from your kiss can invite illnesses like RSV.

3. Burp your baby
Do you want your baby to end up colicky? Want to sit up night after night to endless crying spells? If no, then burp the baby after every feed. Parents have different methods to burp and you can follow the one that is most suited to your prefrences.

4. Maintain proper room temperature
Many new parents still ponder on the ideal temperature that is perfect for infants. Pedeatricians recommend that a baby’s skin should be warm to touch, not too hot or too cold. If you do not swaddle well during the first months, your baby will likely lose wait by burning calories to keep warm.

5. Don’t overdo swaddling
Now, don’t overdo swaddling and make your little munchkin all sweaty. Some parents dress their newborn in layers of warming clothes.Excessive clothing can cause sweating which can make the infant go dehydrated.

6. Don’t mess with doc appointments
Don’t turn lazy to keep up with the doctor’s appointments. You want to carefully assess the infant’s growth and development progress. Moreover, you need to keep track of the vaccination schedules as well.

7. Avoid the use of perfumes and deodrants
The harsh chemicals present in perfumes and deodrants can give your infant an allergy for life. If you want to use your favorite perfume, then do it somewhere where the infant is not there.

8. Don’t skip to feed the infant every two hours
In the initial days, your little cuddley will be asleep for most of the hours. Even then, you have to wake them up every two hours and feed them. The same goes for night time as well.

Caring for the newest member for your family can be both a thrilling and exhausting experience. These tips can make your life easier with the newborn.


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