Parenting is never an easy task and no parent is ever perfect. There is no book bound rule for parenting and everyone is free to choose their own style. Parents play an important role in the physical and mental development of their children. Take a look at these parenting tips to make you a pro in spending quality time with your kids.

• Ensure proper communication
Never think that your children will blindly follow any order that you set forth. They deserve explanations as much as an adult. You can ease out the process of parenting with effective communication. Take some time out and convince them on why you need things done. With proper communication, you are helping them learn things in a non-judgemental way.

• Increase your kid’s self-esteem levels
Your words and actions have a huge determinal effect on the self-esteem of your children. Small praises, now and then, for even miscellaneous or trivial achievements can work wonders on the self-esteem of your children. They will be able to face the world more confidently. On the other hand, belittling comments can make your children feel worthless and ashamed. This can bring unwanted consequences on the emotional and mental development of children.

• Allocate time specifically for your children
We all have busy schedules and stressful work environments with tight deadlines. But, as a parent, you need to squeeze in some time for your children. Try to set the alarm earlier and have breakfast together. Another interesting idea to bond with your children is to take a walk after dinner. On weekends, plan on something special which can bring your family together. Children yearn for undivided attention from their parents. Nevertheless, don’t feel guilty for being a working parent. Just try to find some time to dedicate it wholly to your children’s needs.

• Try a flexible parenting style
First assess whether you have set unrealistic expectations on your child. Child experts argue that parents should change their parenting style every now and then when the child grows. Well, what works now may not work in a year or two. So, you need to work out on the parenting style and find one that best supports the needs of your children.

• Show unconditional love, care and support
You don’t have to be a tough parent always. Every now and then, shower them with love and care which they yearn constantly. Moreover, do not take things too far while confronting your children. Refrain from the practices of fault-finding, critcizing or blaming. Do not ever overdo disciplining and lead things to resentment.

• Understand your limitations and requirements
As said earlier, no parent is perfect. We all have our limitations and personal inabilities. Never be hard on yourself by setting unrealistic parenting goals. Afterall, this is not a race to win. Find your limitations and focus on those areas to overcome them. Now, don’t ever feel guilty for focusing on yourself every now and then.


Parenting is difficult but never impossible. Parents should have a healthy relationship with their children which is important for the latter’s social, emotional, mental and physical development. These tips can help you improve your parenting style and have better relationships with your children.


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