Congratulations. You have covered the difficult phases of labor, pregnancy and delivery. You have arrived home carrying your little bundle of joy. Well, what is next. As a first time parent, you may be too nervous and excited to start take care of your baby. Here, we will help you with some tips that can help you to take care of things even better.


● Seek help when necessary

Dont feel embarassed or ashamed to seek help whenever necessary. Giving birth is not an easy task. Additionally, taking care of the newest member of your household can be a bit overwhelming and hectic. You can hire a help or even ask relatives, parents or friends to lend a hand. Trust us, they might be all too willing to help you out.


● Be careful while handling newborn

Your little warrior is adjusting to the life outside the womb. Many first-time parents find the fragility of newborns quite intimidating. Never worry, you will get used to it. However, here are a few things to take care of while handling infants.

○ Wash your hands thoroughly before handling an infant
○ Never shake the baby or play rough games
○ Always support the baby’s neck and head while carrying


● Take care of the diapers

True, you may get tired from the frequent diaper changes. Well, newborns poop very often and you need to clear them up immediately to prevent the occurrence of diaper rashes. Keep wipers, diaper rash cream and fresh diapers always nearby. Never go outside without these basic amenities. If you are an environmentalist kind of parent, then try using cloth diapers. They are reusable and cause no serious pollution.


● Soothe and bond with your infant

Never miss the chance to bond with your infant. Make physical closeness to baby a priority so that it can foster better emotional rapport. Some bonding tips for first time parents include giving gentle storkes or cradling your infant close. During the first few weeks, you can try swaddling your infant to keep them comfortable.


● Follow the feed and burp rule

You have to feed your infant every two hours. After every feed, you should never forget to burp them. Else, you will be spending sleepless nights with a colicky baby. If you are breastfeeding you need to feed the baby at least 10-15 minutes from each breast. A baby who is formula-fed may take upto 2-3 ounce per feeding. To know that your baby is well-fed, here is a simple trick. Ensure that your infant has at least six wet diapers and several stools each day.


● Don’t fall prey a sleep schedule

Never chart a sleep schedule and try to keep it. Countless mothers have fallen prey to it. Instead, go for the golden thumb rule of parenting. Sleep when the infant sleeps. If you dont follow this, you will end up being extra tired.

Hope our tips can help you adjust your new life as a parent. Parenting is not an impossible tasks. By following the above tips, you can make the first days of your infant even more memorable.


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