As adults, when we ride or drive a vehicle, we are supposed to follow and obey the rules, which is possible when we know them.
We should teach our children to learn some basic traffic rules to instill a civic sense of responsibility and build a strong foundation in discipline.

A few traffic rules you should teach your children are as follows:
* Educate your kids about traffic lights.
* Use the zebra crossing.
* Look left, right, and left before crossing.
* Use the footpaths.

* Don’t cross the road at curves.
* Give way to emergency vehicles.

* Educate your kids about traffic lights. A child who knows the difference between the three colours must be guided about his importance. Red is stop, yellow is wait/get ready, and green is go.

* Use the zebra crossing. Jaywalking is an offence that only a few people are aware of. So, guide your children to use only the zebra crossing to cross the road. If the zebra crossing is unavailable, one must look on both sides and proceed only if there are no incoming vehicles.

* Look left, right, and left before crossing. Before crossing any road, we should look to the left, right, and again on the left to start moving. This ensures that while we cross the road, no incoming vehicles are on either side of the road.

* Use the footpaths. To walk on the footpath is a pedestrian’s right, so when walking in public and crowded spaces, we should ensure that we always walk on the footpath.

* Avoid crossing the road at the curves. Make it a point to avoid crossing the road at its curves because the incoming traffic cannot spot the pedestrians where the road bends, creating unintended consequences.

* Give way to the emergency vehicles. Always give way to emergency vehicles such as ambulances, fire rescue, etc. This helps the emergency vehicle move to its destination faster without any hurdles. The reason why we do this is essential is because there might be a person with urgency to reach and must be rushed to their respective places of need.

Conclusion: When we follow basic traffic laws, we also respect other things. Someone rightly said that if we are not corrected when we are small, it is too late to fix someone after that person becomes an adult, so start young to mold them to make them strong individuals for the future.

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