Once you have discharged from the hospital after the delivery, you will be given a long list of vaccination schedule to follow. The overall objective of vaccinations is to prevent the occurrence of certain diseases. Immunization programs improve your baby’s immunity against diseases and make them combat ready for their life outside the womb.

But, how to remember the correct schedules of important vaccinations? Imagine if there was a baby vaccination tracker app to take of your baby’s vaccination schedules. Wish granted. KidsCur’s baby vaccination tracker app lets you keep track of your little one’s immunization schedules.

So, what are the benefits of using a baby vaccination tracker app? Let’s explore below.

1. Maintain digital records

Well, digitalization and technology has got hold of almost everything. So, why just not for maintenance of you child’s important health records. By digitally storing your baby’s health records, you ensure that the information is safe and secure. There is no more stress of losing your baby’s vaccination cards. Moreover, you can unburden yourself from the tasking of multiple paperworks. Your baby’s information is availiable to you at the snap of the fingers.

2. Get prompt and timely reminders and notifications

There is no more missing of your baby’s important vaccination schedules. Once you fill the basic information, you can get timely reminders and gentle notifications from our baby vaccination tracker. With these reminders, you can plan out your busy schedule and never miss the important shots. Just set the dates and our vaccination tracker will take care of the rest.

3. Check the status of vaccinations

Human memory is never flawless. Being involved in many things, we tend to forget important details. Never stress yourself out by trying hard to catch up with the completed vaccine schedules. Our vaccination tracker updates all the completed schedules timely. Incase of any doubts, you can just go back to the particular dates and check the respective doses given.

4. Track upcoming schedules

You need not really wait for the notifications to prompt you. You can get an overview of the upcoming schedules incase any doubts crop up. This super cool feature is especially loved by busy mamas who have to put in leave requests to their respective bosses to get their children vaxed.

Technology is making our lives easier. Let’s not miss the important shots of your children with KidsCur’s baby vaccination tracker app. We use technology to make parenting easy for our trusted mamas and papas.


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