Technology has made parenting easy to a great extent. For instance, there is the baby vaccination tracker app that lets you keep track of your baby’s immunization schedules with prompt reminders. These apps are surely a blessing to parents with busy schedules.

However, there are still some misconceptions about vaccines that cause many parents to turn down timely immunizations for their children. In reality, they are doing more harm than good to their children.

Here, we have compiled some top myths about baby vaccination and the true facts against them. We hope that these facts will persuade your reason against refusing vaccines and ensuring timely immunization for your children.

Myth 1- Vaccines are not given for serious diseases

FACT– The vaccinations given to your child from the moment of birth offer protection against many serious diseases. Many of these diseases can have chronic complications and cause even death. You wouldn’t want to risk that for your baby, would you?

Vaccinations offer protection against many deadly diseases like measles, whooping cough, tetanus etc. These diseases have claimed the lives of many innocent children. It is wise to get your child vaccinated than lose them to deadly diseases.

Myth 2- My baby does not need this vaccine as the disease is not here anymore

This is one of the common reasons for parents to drop the immunization schedule. What you need to know is that these diseases can resurface back anytime the vaccination rates have dropped. It is only through collective effort that we can eradicate life-threatening diseases from the face of the earth.

Myth 3- Vaccines are not safe for my child in the long run

This is a totally wrong argument. Vaccines offer steadfast protection against illnesses in the long run. Any vaccine that is given to your baby is properly researched. Moreover, multiple trail runs have been rolled out in advance to find any possible side effects. So any vaccination offered in the hospital is safe for your baby. No more worries about that.

Myth 4- Some vaccines can cause autism

There is no verified scientific claim to support that vaccines can cause autism. There was some controversy over the MMR vaccine which was wrongly accused of causing autism in children. However, these were just fraudulent accusations without any real facts in them.

Myth 5- Breastfeeding is enough to keep my baby safe from diseases

True, breast milk contains antibodies that improve the immunity of babies. However, it is not enough to ensure the protection of babies against deadly diseases. Breastfeeding offers protection against ear infections, diarrhea, respiratory infections etc. However, it is not sufficient to protect your baby against a large amount of a specific pathogen.

Next time the vaccination reminders prompt you for upcoming immunization schedules, do not hesitate. Vaccinations are essential to safeguard your children from illnesses.

Hope we have shed some light on some vaccination myths that have tried to dissuade parents from vaccinating their children. Make use of the child vaccination reminder from KidsCur application to get your baby vaccinated on time.

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