It is inevitable that seasonal flu and cold will torment your little infant. Young babies have a developing immune system which makes them vulnerable to the viruses that cause colds and flu. Moreover, if your infant has started to crawl, the little explorer will be always touching things here and there.

Don’t get tired too soon and give up. Using some of our baby care tips for flu and cold you can help them fight cold and flu through different child development milestones.

  1. Ensure the vaccination of all caregivers
    Caregivers who take care of your baby can pass on flu and cold if they are not properly vaccinated. Getting a flu vaccine for your baby is not possible until he is of certain months old. For that, you need to have a talk with the paediatrician. But the adults at home can get the flu shot and ensure that the 0c
    flu does not pass on to the baby.
  2. Make hand sanitization a priority for adults in the home
    Wash your hands with soap and water before interacting with the baby. If washing is not your thing, then keep an alcohol-based sanitiser handy. This can help to quickly sanitise your hands before picking up the baby. Don’t shy away from asking others to follow the hand sanitising norm as well.
  3. Breastfeed your baby always if possible

    Your breastmilk is a powerhouse of antibodies. It will help to build immunity for your baby and helps them fight against many illnesses. Of course, breastfed babies do get sick but they can tackle them better.

    Arguably, there are many mothers who cannot breastfeed babies due to personal or medical issues. You can talk to the paediatrician to understand the best formula that can protect the baby from diseases.

  4. Don’t make babies interact with people having colds and flu

    This is a big no-no, especially for small infants. They are most susceptible to catching diseases with a weak immune system. You can politely as sick people to stay away until they get better. They have to be symptom-free for at least 24 hours before they can see the infant.

  5. Disinfect your home regularly

    Disinfect your home regularly to keep germs away. Germs can live on surfaces for hours and ensure that your house is cleaned and well-maintained to prevent the transmission of germs. Especially, if your baby moves around a lot, then you have to make disinfection a top priority.

  6. Avoid public places during the flu season

    Stay indoors as much as possible during the flu season. This can help to a great extent to protect your kid from flu and cold.

Your baby needs to be extra-cared during the dangerous flu season to avoid getting him/her sick. By following these tips, you can help him/her stay healthy to a great extent. In case your child demonstrates any the flu symptoms, do not hesitate to contact a paediatrician.

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